The Patriot Resilient Leader Institute (PRLI) is looking for volunteers to assist it in running its Camp Resilience sessions in 2017 and beyond. In particular, we are interested in volunteers who have skills in the areas outlined below.  It is not necessary to have all of the skills mentioned.  Some of the volunteer activities, (e.g. administrative help, writing grants, etc.), could be done from home.  Others require the volunteers to be present during the Camp Resilience sessions, which are usually in Gilford, NH. Depending on their skills/interests, volunteers would be members of the following committees within the PRLI board structure. If you are interested in volunteering to help the PRLI and its Camp Resilience program, please send an e-mail with your name, contact info and area of interest to

Operations/Programming Committee

Administrative – Assist in communication with applicants, the VA and other Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs).

      • Computer: Compose and respond to e-mail; Use Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access), Google forms and Google drive; Help create flyers and other documents; Manage applicant files; Consolidate participant feedback, etc.
      • Social media – Post and monitor Facebook groups, Twitter, Linked-In, and Instagram
      • Communication: Phone and/or email applicants and Veterans Service Organizations

Help during Camp Resilience sessions

      • Drivers: Transport veterans and facilitators to activities.
      • Assist and/or participate in facilitating sports activities, including instructors who are experienced in the following:
        1. Snowshoeing
        2. Cross-country skiing
        3. Downhill skiing
        4. Kayaking
        5. Sailing
        6. Hiking
        7. Yoga
        8. Aerobics and other exercise/gym-related activities
        9. Martial arts
      • Assist in setting up/cooking BBQ dinners, picnic lunches, etc.

Facilitators – Lead or assist in life skill sessions, such as:

        1. Financial management
        2. Job searching, resume writing, interview skills
        3. Healthy eating/cooking
        4. Life goals
        5. Resiliency
        6. Substance abuse
        7. Mindfulness/Self-regulation
        8. Relationship skills
        9. Equine therapy

Governance Committee

  • Business: Assist in developing a business plan for the PRLI.
  • Strategic planning: Assist in developing a strategic plan for the PRLI.
  • Web development: Help maintain and update the PRLI website.
  • Computer: Help create and maintain PRLI databases and cloud storage of PRLI documents.
  • Communication: Compose meeting minutes, write thank you notes, compose and respond to mail/email, handle phone inquiries, etc.
  • Public Relations: Ability to communicate and write well, creativity

Development Committee

  • Fundraising: Apply for grants, etc.
  • Marketing: Ability to communicate, write well, analyze and influence; Creativity; Computer skills

Event Committee

  • Event planning: Help to plan and conduct at least one major fundraising event per year.