Future Events

We plan to run 12 Camp Resilience sessions in 2017. Below is the schedule for the next 3 sessions. The details about each session will be posted once we have finalized what the focus of the session will be and what sports activities will be included.

Oct 2-5: A Camp Resilience retreat with a focus on improving one’s life. For more information, see the attached flyer: Oct_17_Flyer

Oct 20-22: An Equine Therapy retreat for veterans. For more information, see attached flyer: Oct_17ET_Flyer

Nov 13-16: A Camp Resilience Retreat for Veterans with PTSD and Moral Injury. For more information, see the attached flyer: Nov_17_Flyer

Facebook Groups

The PRLI has run 22 Camp Resilience sessions since May 2014 for over 200 veterans from throughout New England. We have created private Facebook groups for the participants of each session that enable them to continue to challenge and support each other after the session and these have been very effective in helping the participants continue to take the steps necessary to improve their lives.

Consider Applying to the next scheduled event.

This site will be updated with the latest info and dates for upcoming events!

Events to Date

Click on a year below to read about and view pictures from the Camp Resilience sessions we ran that year.